Chris SYMFAE The Cluster #2014

Rapper/Producer, a young Australian/Polish cat going by the name of Chris SYMFAE does all of these as well as supporting all of his crew on Dynamic Records.


Since early 2013 he has gone by the name Chris SYMFAE the latter an acronym for ‘Set Your Mind Free Above Everything’. Recently working alongside his close friend’s 2nd mixtape, Kayne – The Big Plan, SYMFAE was responsible for production on 4 tracks.

Chris SYMFAE’s 2nd mixtape ‘The Cluster‘ has just dropped and features 12 brand new tracks including collaborations with Kayne, Young Trey (US), Jay Mac and other various acts. Among all of this he also continues to work hard on beats and production for a number of artists and labels.

Music is what makes us all family, connects us and kick starts emotions” – Chris SYMFAE.

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