Social Change 100

Adelaide’s Social Change, release brand new track with 12″ to follow over summer!

Social Change gets it started back up with their new track ‘100’. Produced by Funkwig with cuts by DJ Snair, the Hip Hop supreme team pick up where they left off delivering a hard funk driven beat topped off with sharp lyrics, scratches and the increasingly rare rap hook.


100’ serves somewhat as a reintroduction for Social Change who last released music on the 2010 Butterthief Phat Tape. Since then Social Change has collaborated on tracks with Dialect, Matchless Gift, Ben Iota (Bornski), Chris Bass, Joseph Duigan and Everyday, and has spent the past few years building the Butterthief label, joining in on various tours with the likes of Levelheaded, Dialect, Pang Productions & Crate Cartel, and preparing a slew of music set to follow this release.

Currently only available as a digital stream on Soundcloud, Social Change has celebrated the long awaited release of new music with a run of their classic logo Tshirts in Black and White designs, which are available now at

100’ will be released on CD and iTunes this December. A 12″ vinyl release is slated to follow over summer. The 12″ is set to include a yet to be released remix of ‘100‘ by Delta The Lostralian plus b-side track “The Weight” featuring Dialect.

For more information visit and stream ‘100’ below.