Learner Dri[v]er! With Illy

Hip Hop artist Illy has a strong connection with fans from all corners of the country. By the end of the year the solo MC from Melbourne will have performed and played at over 70 shows, We saw him release an album earlier in the year titled Cinematic which has now gone Gold, and has followed it up with a deluxe edition of the album, Cinematic: Uncut.


Today, Illy joins Channel [V]’s Marty Smiley, who has only ten hours left on his Learner Driver log book before he can sit his Ps and who better than some of the music industry’s hottest artists to show him the ropes behind the wheel? New series Learner Dri[V]er combines music and driving turning legendary musicians from Australia and around the world into Marty’s driving instructors.

While helping Marty master the “three point turn” during the driving lesson, Illy also reveals insights into the inspiration for his tracks, and how his fans have been personally affected by his music and lyrics. You can check out the brand new episode which has just been released this morning, by following the link here.

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