It’s All Black & White For Briggs

Let It Be Known… Golden Era Records Emcee and Shepparton local, Briggs has just posted a picture of a blank 7” vinyl on his social accounts, with the words “Test Press For What?”.


What could it mean, what gem will be pressed onto this little blank slate? Well the crew over on the closed Facebook group …Oz Hip Hop Vinyl Heads… put their… heads together to see what they could come up with. Here are some of the guesses we thought were worth a laugh.

Atreyu Edgar Hold on. That’s Briggsy’s hand. Which makes it a 12″
Tobi Wrigley 0 fux given
Dayle Dickson 7″ doth
Tommy TwoToes Test press for me, to make up for 3 month wait for your (prepaid) LP and scratched skate deck? Perhaps?

Well done, …Oz Hip Hop Vinyl Heads… well done. We have opened the comment section for this one, let us know what you think will be on the upcoming 7″ vinyl from Briggs. 

In possibly related news? Briggs has just released a brand new video clip which premiered over at the …Gathers No Moss website. The track Purgatory features Darwin artists Sietta. Briggs has also announced the Purgatory video clip launch which will go down this Saturday night at the Workers Club, in Fitzroy. The dress code for the night: STRICTLY Black & White. Get down for some dope music. Tickets available at The Workers Club website or Oztix.

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