The single ‘Vibe’ sets the tone for the upcoming release of JayCee’s debut album

Break away from the void where lyricism is nothing but self centered, magnified ego that you can’t particularly relate to. You know, the stories that don’t parallel with your life or the place and experiences you have lived because they are so far fetched. JayCee’s debut single ‘Vibe’ will re-instill some faith, with lyrics that juxtapose an Aussie’s lifestyle (Josh Cranstoun’s) in this day in age where these simple moments are overall, the most valuable in one’s life.


‘Vibe’ is the first track to be officially released by the newest Independent Brisbane Hip Hop act, setting the tone for the rest of the full-length debut album, ‘Identity Thieves’ (release date TBA). Josh Cranstoun (JayCee) says, “Like the title suggests, the smooth keys and laid back kit create the relaxed track for Naomi Lee (featured vocalist) to shine and for myself to showcase my passion for lyricism. This song is not an attempt to describe myself, but is rather a case study of where my experiences have placed me and introduces the recurring theme of one’s value within life and the need to be proud of it.”

Josh Cranstoun, a rapper, lyric-smith and a producer alongside best mate Baptist (John Dalgety) had started collaborating music in 2012. The efforts sparked a drive to start up their own independent label, OAK Records, which is officially being launched with JayCee’s release; later this year other artists taken on by OAK Records will be announced.

Josh and John have a serious dedication to this project, which is shown through the immense lengths they have gone to prepare the entire debut album. Hip-hop, rap and jazz have always enabled artists to do their own thing, their own way. Instead of taking the traditional route of releasing mixtapes in an attempt to gain following, they decided to perfect their craft before anybody heard a note or a word. As a result, the momentum that built over the past two years had naturally allowed the album to come to fruition with no unwanted stress or deadline pressures. This made it easy work for Gareth David to record, mix and master at Tall Poppy Productions; especially when Naomi Rigby stepped in for a number of tracks and sung out her takes.

This alternate route has lead to four lyrical video clips (produced by Sarah Robinson, Tall Poppy Productions) which are stored away for next six months to keep followers interested and growing. The consolidation of hard efforts put into the production of this by JayCee, Gareth David and Sarah Robinson, will soon enough see the act touring in the second half of the year.

Prior to this release, a promotional track went out on the 2nd of February which launched JayCee’s online existence. Since, there has been a staggering amount of people within the community who have stepped back for a moment to recognise the new comer. Now building on the 500 plays and 200 likes that happened within the first few days, the first track off the album to be officially released is bound to make even more impressions. With its minimalistic, spacious feels it is a platform for JayCee’s fast deliveries and Naomi’s charm, creating a track that ultimately relates to the free spirited youth.

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