El’ Jistos Full Tilt Boogie Mixtape

After being active on the hip hop circuit for the last 6 years, Blue Mountains rapper El’ Jistos has released a mixtape to fire up for his first studio release scheduled for spring this year.


20 year old El’ Jistos was previously in the prolific ‘A Blank Canvas’ Crew. The trio supported household names such as Thudamentals, The Tounge, Spit Syndicate, Rappaport, Hermitude, Urthboy, Dialectrix, and Joe New. The ternion shared the stage as part of the infamous ‘Blue Mountains Hip Hop Alumni’ at the gargantuan Bushfire Benefit gig at Katoomba RSL in 2013.

El’ Jistos’s verbal and thematic form has been described as direct, assertive, and ballsy. El’ Jistos defines his style as the “Simple communication of complex subject matter”.

Full Tilt Boogie features tunes that are rich in melody: The Consumers takes us back to the late 90s with insolent word-play and game-show samples. Dissolution is the all-heart, uplifting soul number. Mind Your’s builds rhetoric and musical tension. MC Soular features on Eat. Sleep. Fuck; the soundtrack to the modern man’s working struggles.

The 2 styles of El’Jistos and Soular meld perfectly; Jistos with his heart-on-his sleeve, a fighter of the underdog; Soular with his ‘ladies don’t let your daughters out’ impertinence. It’s emcee good cop / bad cop. Teaming up with singer songwriter Malachi Lonsdale for the instrumental Outro, this track is testimony to the rich complexity in El’ Jistos’s approach to his music.

Anyone buying hip hop from an inner west retailer gets a free hard copy of Full Tilt Boogie with their purchase, or on request from the counter. Striving to keep the energy of the Blue Mountains’ next gen surging, El’ Jistos will release his debut studio album, a collaboration with producer Illumes, in spring this year. El’ Jistos has founded his own label, Catalyst Punk, from which he will release his music.

Mixtape release: Full Tilt Boogie by El’ Jistos – Available now here.