Full Tote Odds You Don’t Know feat. Purpose & Prime

Consisting of brothers and rappers, Levelheaded and Eslev, and DJ Sanchez, the boys from Full Tote Odds have been in the music game for more than 15 years. Hailing from a hip hop breeding ground in the Adelaide Hills.


FTO are as musically diverse as they are talented, with an album full of upbeat catchy tunes and an epic live show that is sure to win over any crowd. Since the release of their debut release ‘Place Your Bets’ in 2012, the boys have toured the country supporting acts such as Dialectrix and Spit Sydnicate, performing at the Margaret River Pro Surf Classic, The Big Day Out, Homebake Festival and Come Together Festival.

Their latest single, ‘You Don’t Know, feat. Purpose and Prime’ dropped in April 2015, with the album, ‘The Chosen Few’ due for release later in 2015.

You Don’t Know, is musical driven through rich sultry guitar and live string sections of brass, piano and bass; while lyrically the single highlights the social and personal realties of living with mental illnesses and aims to encourage others struggling with anxiety and depression to speak up and seek help.

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