Context & Jimmy Flipshyt Exclusive Catalogue Discount

Context & Jimmy Flipshyt are offering All Aussie Hip Hop readers an exclusive discount of 30% on all current Vinyl, CD and Downloads. The sale includes both releases from the duo (The Shadows and Fire In The Basement) and will be available until June 1. Fire In The Basement is the duos first Vinyl drop, and there aren’t many copies remaining so get in quick!


Context & Jimmy Flipshyt are an MC/Producer duo that have been working together over the last three years. Their 2014 release Fire In The Basement weighs in at 8 tracks in total and features guest verses from BVA, P.Smurf, Sinks, Stateovmind, Mattrix and Dane One. Venturing back into boom bap territory – this release respects the old school whilst showing growth by both artists in lyricism and production.

“I quite enjoyed The Shadows, but Context and Jimmy Flipshyt have upped the ante with Fire in the Basement. They have found creative partners that push each other in just the right ways, and have come together in a strong and focused artistic statement that says a lot in just twenty-five minutes. We don’t need to talk about potential any more. They’ve arrived.” – Scratched Vinyl (US)

The Shadows was their first release and features the track Big Dog that received regular rotation on triple J Unearthed. This release was the first glimpse into what the duo was capable of and was well received in the local Hip Hop community.

Context & Jimmy Flipshyt are currently working on solo projects but expect to see them return with a new offering in 2016. In the meantime, go check them out! Grab that code now and treat yourself here.