Alex Ford Sorry feat. Sarah Pellicano

Local Perth artist Alex Ford is back with a brand new single, and its a step away from his recent efforts, the fun and upbeat Pharcyde-esque “Sense of Inner Joy” and the laid back JHAS produced “What Do You See” which have both received some well deserved airplay on Australian and New Zealand radio.


This time we see Ford team up with a couple of his West Oz peers, the vocal power house, Sarah Pellicano and fellow MC and BeatDown champion, Creed Birch, who takes care of production.

“Sorry” see’s Ford taking a couple of digs at the naysayers, but is far more introspective than anything else. More of an “apology to him self for not making the noise he has begun to, a lot earlier on in his career, but also a revelation from the lessons learned”.

“Flow trickles, drips turn into whole rivers,
and these cuts tickle, no tears filling my blood tissue.
I been dying to live since I was so little.
You didn’t know did you? That’s why I don’t miss”

The Aussie emcee weaves effortlessly through the soundscape Creed Birch has created for him to experiment with and the unique vocals that we have come to expect from Sarah Pellicano bring a perfect balance to a song that feels like its going to explode by the end of each verse. Her silky yet powerful chords really bring the record full circle.

Certainly some unique and exciting music coming out of the most isolated city in the world.

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