Mike Skinner And Noisey: Hip Hop In The Holy Land

Hip Hop in the Holy Land is a new Noisey six-part documentary series which takes the temperature of the rap scene in Israel and Palestine

Co-directed and hosted by Mike Skinner

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND – Noisey release the first episode of Hip Hop in the Holy Land, a brand new six-part series, hosted and co-directed by Mike Skinner (The Streets) – alongside VICE Head of Music, Alex Hoffman – which takes the temperature of the rap scene in Israel and Palestine.

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Off the back of hugely successful takes on Atlanta, Jamaica and Chicago, Noisey travel to Israel and Palestine to follow some of the voices that have emerged from this unique and often conflicted environment.


Over the six-part series, the bristling diversity of the scene unfolds as Mike meets; Tamer Nafar who founded DAM the first ever Palestinian rap group, Ben Blackwell, a member of the relatively unknown Hebrew Israelite community from the Negev desert and Ohad Cohen, a previously secular rapper who now continues his career in the ultra-orthodox community.


Also in the mix, is Subliminal, the most commercially successful and perhaps most controversial Israeli rapper of all time, young Palestinian MC Saz, who has one main goal – to be the first Palestinian sex symbol and Baltimore-raised secular rapper Rebel Sun aka Idi Ya Mean, who fell in love with Jerusalem while travelling and never looked back.

Noisey investigates what joins and what divides these artists from different walks of Middle Eastern life.

Watch out for forthcoming episodes, coming each week on Noisey

Watch the first episode here.