Last week Sydney hip-hop duo Word Heist released their new single Roger Rogerson. The track was inspired by none other than ex-NSW police officer Roger Rogerson who has recently found himself back in the courts facing allegations of alleged murder over the death of Jamie Gao.


This isn’t the first time Rogerson has found himself in the courtroom having faced allegations of murder and police corruption during court hearings in the 1990’s. The charges were so red hot that the ABC was forced to withdraw the broadcasting of the TV series Blue Murder which detailed the exploits of Rogerson in the lead up to his trial.

The occasions to shine a spotlight on police corruption are few and far between and Word Heist is here to make sure Rogerson gets the attention he deserves with their new single Roger Rogerson. Check it out. You can grab the brand new self titled EP by following the link above or by going here.