Hermitude Reveal video clip for newest single ‘Searchlight’

With flashing lights, animation and 2500 ecstatic fans, Hermitude bring you the video for ‘Searchlight’, the anthemic single from their #1 album, Dark Night Sweet Light.

Hermitude Enmore Theatre Mikki Gomez-8714

On the eve of their Worldwide release (through Nettwerk Records on August 28th), Hermitude’s success is flying high, and the positive energy around them is contagious. Filmed at their momentous sold-out Enmore Theatre show, on their recent national album tour in June, the film clip is a simple illustration of a band at the height of their career. Dazzled in bright lights and lasers, the clip shows off the tremendous musical talent shared by the duo and the heaving excitement of the crowd.

The song is uplifting and its message is strong. Featuring the vocals of Melbourne based electronic artist Yeo, the visuals assist this sense of musical power and tell a tale far deeper than just a gig. The duo have worked extremely hard for many years, and with the wild reception of their fifth studio album – this was a moment to cherish, a moment of change to never be forgotten.

Directed by the Brendan Doyle and the innovative production house of Broken Yellow, the show was captured from every angle, so even when the lights go down the synths, turntables, drum machines and frothing crowd cannot be mistaken.

‘Searchlight’ will be available on iTunes through Elefant Traks next week. The single will be available in a package, featuring the remixes and reworks of ‘The Buzz’, including Sweater Beats, Paces and the incredible collaboration with Big K.R.I.T.

Hermitude Enmore Theatre Mikki Gomez-8814

Dark Night Sweet Light is available Worldwide on August 28th through Nettwerk Records. Photos byMikki Gomez at the Enmore Theatre.

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