allaussie spotlight: Dirturtles

Dirturtles are three young scrubbers from the Eastern Shore of Tasmania. They are finding their way to the water through crooked seagulls and plastic six pack rings. The Dirturtles originally surfaced in the year 2012, reached the sand in 2013, but it wasn’t until the year 2014 that we first saw the independent release of their debut record ‘The Out of the Shell EP’.


They have since had the privilege to play many shows around their home state of Tassie, including Falls Festival and Party in the Paddock in early 2015 they have also had the privilege to support nationally/internationally recognized artists such as AKOUO, Dylan Joel and Seth Sentry. 

Inspired by the sounds of Horrorshow, Mantra and Hermitude, ‘World War Four’ combines conscious lyrics with a hard hitting beat featuring female vocals and intricate percussion.

The clip was filmed in MC Clay’s shed – The space in which the group rehearses, situated in the small Tasmanian suburb Seven Mile Beach. It was captured on location by students of the University of Tasmania as part of the Songs from The Edge program, an initiative aimed at showcasing the best new Tasmanian music. They are now returning to the ocean to return with a brand new EP for your ears, which is well underway.

The guys have just released the first official single taken from said EP, which is officially their second release titled #CROSSROADSEP. The new track, ‘Back Then’ features the soul capturing vocals of Carla Cuzzucoli and an all original soundtrack written and composed by the extremely talented Hot Cheddar. Sty tuned as we bring you more from the Dirturtles camp very soon. 

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