Onist The Warm Up Is Over

ONIST comes from Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast of Australia. He started rapping in 2012 when he was driving trucks over in Western Australia and chasing the coin. The long hours and barren environment made ONIST think to him self “Was this really why I was put on earth”. Always listening to Hip Hop, ONIST started scribbling down bars on the Pre-Start forms in his trucks cabin. 


Eventually he started recording his own material at home, in the truck, wherever he could find the time. It’s been about three years since ONIST started, now in 2015 the hard work is starting to pay off. ONIST has been crafting a release that promises bars, emotion, and storytelling music at it’s finest!

He has carefully selected his beats, feature artists and design to bring you an EP that will stand the test of time! Emcee Onist – The Warm Up Is Over, coming soon! 

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