The Holy Sinner hit the local Hip-Hop scene way back in 1995 with Capital Punishment, and then redefined the Sydney underground with his next crew Tha Cannibal Tribe.


The Tribe released the instant classics “Misery” in 1999 and ”Alive” in 2003. Sinner then returned solo in 2005 with “Since 1974” and continued in 2006 with “Hell’s Hostel”.

This legendary MC has collaborated with the best in including Raw (RIP), DJ Vame, Hunter (RIP), Sereck, Reason, Illergic, Base Dynamics, Thomas Rock and many more.

Now, Sinner is back with a brand new album. The Holy Sinner original member of Tha Cannibal Tribe has released another Hardcore Classic to stack amongst you local hip Hop Collectables. This album boasts heavy beats mixed with violent melodies to keep the most dedicated hip hop activist ready for war. Produced by Legendary DJ Vame along side the incredible DJ Kworks this album is sure to entertain.

Featuring MC’s from all around Australia including Tha Cannibal Tribe, Layla, Hunter, Bigfoot, Lenz One, Plarks, Lil Jayo E, Profitz, MrCee, (Nunga Style), Gaz Hazard, Fortay, Zeed Mantis and Alice Adriaanse.

This album is not to be slept on.

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