Urthboy delivers his first single in 3 years

‘Long Loud Hours’ is a true story and one for the ages: perhaps the wildest, most reckless gesture of love in modern Australian history.


In a sprawling project developed over three life changing years, ‘Long Loud Hours’ was the very first piece of music written. Beginning in the National Archives in Canberra with Pip Norman, it was transformed at Alberts Studios with Hermitude.

The beautifully paced musical arrangement captures the narrative, understating the sensational drama of the story, if that was possible. The driving pulse of the bass escalates the tension, leaving room for the crashing snare and piano chords and the larger than life story to unfold.

With their roles reversed, Urthboy unwinds the tale with emotive eloquence, while Bertie Blackman brings it to head with her vocals soaring over the chorus, rising to last desperate breath of the song.

The film clip put together by the talented team at Broken Yellow have found intricate and creative ways of telling this story, with silhouette story-boards and stock footage of the event in 1999.

‘Long Loud Hours’ drops on October 16th through Elefant Traks / Inertia