Tom Thum & EMRSN reimagine Ray Charles

Beat Boxing mixed with Future Soul? You’d never guess that a musical collaboration such as this could work, but it does – it really and truly does!

This unusual musical alliance sees International Beat Boxing legend Tom Thum teaming up with Future Soul front-running vocalist EMRSN. Together, they have crafted a delicious rework of Soul music pioneer Ray Charles’ 1961 chart topping track ‘Hit The Road Jack!’

Not surprisingly, the duo’s rendition of the original surpasses all expectations. Starting with Tom Thum throwing down multiple layers of rich, soulful beat loops, EMRSN’s luxuriously smooth voice slides in, blending in perfectly to accompany the trumpets and horns Tom has created with his talents of vocal distortion.

Unleashing the seemingly boundless creativity from both musicians, Tom Thum and EMRSN have come together to not only pay homage to the High Priest of Soul, but to showcase the unlimited possibilities that such unusual collaborations can offer.

“This a version of hit the road jack that EMRSN and I collaborated on back in late 2013, and due to my complete inability to have any sort of order in my life I lost the hard drive that had all the files on it. I moved house last week and lo and behold I opened up a time capsule of lost hard drives and lint balls and found it in all its promising glory. It’s still new if no one has seen it right?” – Tom Thum

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