Seth Sentry 1969 Campaign Trail

The 4th and final single from Seth Sentry’s ARIA Award Winning Album ‘Strange New Past’.


Each song on Strange New Past gives its title a different slice of context; from the historical re-write of the moon landing on 1969, to the sunny remembrance of childhood of Run, to the deeper, more soul-searching Sorry and Violin, some of what Seth unearths from the past is cut from the fabric of the ‘good old days’ while other artefacts bear more painful memories. Yet, in true Seth Sentry style, even the darkest songs on Strange New Past come speckled with moments that make you smile.

Since the release of Strange New Past on June 5th 2015, Seth has barely had a moment to take it all in. Kicking off the record breaking, 50 show album tour the day after release, Seth spent four months playing in almost every capital city and regional centre in Australia.

The tour was a triumph, the likes of which had never been undertaken by an Australian hip hop artist before him. And when it was completed, Seth, along with his trusty sidekick DJ Sizzle, boarded the plane to New Zealand, then on to Germany and the UK, which included his first ever sold out international show at Oslo Hackney in London. 

Kicking off his 1969 Campaign Trail in Ipswich, QLD, Seth is going to be hitting every state including multiple stops in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. The tour will begin on the 30th of June running all they way until the 13th of August.

Tickets are on sale now!

Seth Sentry is on a fast track to the top and with his recent acclaimed success, this tour is looking to be one for the ages. So get behind your local MC and show the world how smart you are.

More information can be found here.