Xeus Right Now

Emerging MC Xeus has the latest single from his project Sail, a collection of songs that he has been working on over the past year. His first release and video ‘Thoughts’ premiered on US culture and entertainment website BLKDMNDS and his has returned in the new year with a new single ‘Right Now’.

Right Now Single Artwork

As a budding artist, Xeus has mysterious connections to his contemporaries in the United States, including Trinidad James and Ghostface Killah, trading tunes and beats with the established artists in the studio when visiting Australia.

Expertly balancing singing and rapping, Xeus has a natural charm and allure about him. His content to date is drawing upon life experience and fantasy coupled with intelligent production. His rap style is fluid, effortless and unapologetic as he explores young lust.

Xeus is in control of his career. He is driving his project forward with passion and a killer instinct. Standing over 6ft it’s no surprise that the young rapper’s first passion was basketball. His love for the sport took him all the way to the United States on a high school scholarship. With upcoming collaborations with Ghostface Killah, Trinidad James and Lloyd, Xeus is moving towards big things… Stay tuned.