Nico Ghost is coming for his souls…and he will collect

Out of the dark depths of the Melbourne scene, Nico Ghost emerged in July of 2015 to stake his claim with his debut EP offering ‘Kaishi’. Making a serious impact, the record resulted in a slot at the coveted Beyond the Valley Festival and culminated in an invitation to support US legends Wu-Tang Clan in an epic tour.


Without missing a beat, his new single ‘Night Terrors’ dropped just in time for listeners to get acquainted with his unique sound ahead of his recent national tour support of G-Eazy. ‘Night Terrors’ is a journey into Nico’s mind, and how he deals with the dark obstacles it so often faces. A sense of catharsis is released across this dark and brooding piece whilst till offering a warmth through his tonality and flow.

We are sure you will be listening to Night Terrors time and time again but keep your ears close to the ground because Nico Ghost is coming… ready or no