Grey Yard release Freedom


Melbourne hip hop duo Grey Yard have collaborated with Madagascan band Basy Gasy on their new single ‘Freedom’, which aims to bring focus in the fight to help global hunger.

The seeds of the collaboration were planted when Grey Yard’s emcee Patto (who has worked with the likes of with Drapht, Illy, Briggs and The Funkoars) decided to apply for volunteer work in Madagascar, knowing there was an avenue to create a difference through the relatively unknown music culture of the country.


Together with Mill (Grey Yard’s producer), they reached out to Madagascar’s largest hip-hop group Basy Gasy about the prospect of a special music collaboration to raise money for global hunger.
A 15 piece hip-hop outfit that creates conscious music in both Malagasy and French languages, Basy Gasy’s music focuses on social awareness and the struggles of their country. Excited about the opportunity to give Madagascan music an international platform, as well as their passion for humanitarian work the band came together with Grey Yard to record  ‘Freedom’.

Recorded both here in Australia and Madagascar, ‘Freedom’ mixes modern hip-hop elements with traditional Malagasy sounds, and with lyrics spoken in three different languages the song discusses the struggles of both social and environmental issues in developing countries.

Grey Yard have set up a GoFundMe page with all proceeds raised being donated to the World Food Programme, which is the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Their aim is to create awareness through collaborations, and expose the inspiring sounds of the hidden music culture of Madagascar for a good cause. 

Patto leaves for Madagascar in October with plans to run a hip-hop workshop with Basy Gasy to continue to build on the music foundation started.

For more information on the project please visit the GoFundMe donations page:

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