Dos Boy Reveals Gritty Visuals For Latest Single Run It feat. Kwasi

Back again after his latest work Run It feat. Kwasi, Dos Boy is here with his visual companion to the single and boy does it bare all! ‘Run It’ is Dos Boy’s transition from ‘Running Away’ to ‘Running It’, and a big part of what has made him the artist he is today.

At the start of ‘Run It’ we are graced with visuals of Dos Boy alone in parking lots, closed shopping centres and fields, depicting his feeling of isolation and loneliness as he feels he has to run away from his problems, a perfect example of this is the location of the track field.

This concept of running away is further reinforced by the imagery of a hotel room as Kwasi performs the chorus for the song as if to signify that he has run away too, staying in a run-down motel in a strange town, like a scene out of ‘Psycho’.

Towards the end of the clip, we see a shift in Dos Boy’s demeanour as he starts taking back control of his life when he meets with Kwasi and money is exchanged to suggest that Dos Boy is now ‘Running It’. However, the washing off the face and the self-reflection in the mirror suggest a kind of shame and regret.

“I really wanted to create something that reflected the song, something dark and symbolic” Dos Boy explains. Further baring all in his visuals, we can only hope for more refreshingly honest music from our boy, Dos Boy.