Ryland Rose Debut Album ‘Almost Famous & Broke’ Available Now

Rap/Hip-Hop artist Ryland Rose hit international success last year, after his 2016 single, ‘Almost Famous & Broke’ entered the Billboard Viral Charts at #4 and peaked on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts at #5.

Ryland explains, “Half of the album was written before the single ‘Almost Famous & Broke’ was released. The other half was done after everything had happened with the success I had on Spotify and charting on Billboard. At first it was just a cool name for a song, then I was flying to Sydney to meet with labels and could barely afford a coffee – that’s when the term ‘Almost Famous & Broke’ kind of became my mantra for this album. I found my angle and just channeled in on it for the second half of the record.”

The second single to follow up Rose’s success was ‘Brooke Shields’, the track was accompanied by an eerie music video. The clip follows three “hypnotic in-sync young women” have an incredibly uneasy obsession with Rose.

The music video is perfectly in tune with the overall dark vibe you get from listening to the album, “there’s still upbeat parts, but I’ve always loved albums you can drive around and zone out too, that have a cinematic story to them – I guess I just subconsciously made it like that without realising.”