Tom Thum Live from the Larynx EP1 – Down the Endoscope

In the first episode of the Live From The Larynx web series, Beatbox extraordinaire Tom Thum visits renowned ENT Doctor and Laryngeal surgeon Dr Matthew Broadhurst. He was on a mission to find out how his larynx functioned when beatboxing compared to how it functions normally with speech, and whether or not there were any abnormalities in his laryngeal anatomy.

Tom also had very little idea of what the inside of his throat and all his noise producing mechanisms actually looked like. The results were fascinating yet horrifyingly graphic and will probably make a few people spew in their laps.

“I never thought that the structures that have given me the power of speech and sound for all these years would look like something resembling the Predator’s vagina. Anyways this was super incredible (and challenging) for me to have this little bit of insight into the human body so I want to massively thank everybody that made this happen ESPECIALLY Dr Broadhurst and everyone at the Queensland Voice Centre”.

You can view episode one above. Be sure to leave a comment to show your support for this fantastically interesting web series.