Grime Downunder Vol. 3 The Producers Edition

Here we go with the latest release from the ever impressive Grime Downunder series. Volume 3 aka ’The Producers Edition’ is out now and aahh! is bringing you the exclusive premiere. The Grime Downunder series is presented by 50/50Grime, so you know there’s no fakery here… trusss!

Comprised of 38 stomping tracks and home grown Australian production, GrimeDownunder Vol 3. is sure to a vital part of any upcoming grime cypher. The heads involved in this one have been holding down not only Melbourne on the grime tip, but also the Australian scene for the last few years now. The complete release has been mixed by Juzlo, so you know it’s been in good hands. Juzlo has masterfully threaded these joints into a complete tape for your grime tip enjoyment.

The release features some of the hardest producers in the game including Sammy Scissors, Hijack, Realizm, Nerve, Mat Rafle and more!

To celebrate the release of Grime Downunder Vol 3 The Producers Edition 50/50Grime (Melbournes only dedicated grime night), will be hosting a launch party on the 29th July, at Grey Area Johnson Street. Find more information here.

There are a load of emerging producers along with a couple of older ones, and I think the next few months we’ll see a lot of other people trying their hand, so I think its important to put some focus on the production. To have a good balanced scene you need producers along with the MCs, so I want to provide that outlet on the next one (sic) to showcase everyone in one place. – Fraksha (LWA Interview)

Aussie Grime is here to stay and it’s only getting larger! Get your ears around this one by following the links below.

Track List
1.Alaska – Turbo Riddim
2.Coldpast – Franklin Richards
3.Sammy Scissors – Labrynth
4.Hijack – Untitled 
5.Realtek – Essential
6.Hijack – Untilted 
7.Strict Face – Snake Vip
8.Juzlo & Sware – District 9
9.Arctic – Stay Hype
10.Dread Jensen – Bow E3 Tribute
11.Arctic – The Chairman
12.Juzlo – Want U 
13.Realizm – Highboy
14.Kerbstomp – Further
15.Hinone – Gassed
16.Dread Jensen – Merky Riddim
17.Coldpast – Hoe 3000
18.Dellity – Scope Drift
19.Nerve – Lotta Talk
20.Juzlo & Juve – Maximus Aurellius
21.J-Beatz – Wood Green (Juzlo Remix)
22.Realtek – Mafia Riddim
23.Oagzotb – Bumpy
24.Mat Rafle – Thrown
25.Kerbstomp – Steps
26.Nerve – Who Noes
27.Kha – Classix
28.Twenty – Fully On
29.Sonder – Bananas
30.Sammy Scissors – Shadows
31.Twenty + T.E.A – Hooligan
32.Sonder – Step On It
33.Realtek – Ally Riddim
34.Megatroid – Acid With Aurelius
35.Juzlo & Spooky – Clartberg
36.Juzlo & Spooky – 6Ayem Dub
37.Juzlo – Blue Steel 
38.Juzlo – Blue Steel (Jbeatz Remix)

More information can be found here.

Download you full tape here or hit that download button above.