Okenyo Woman’s World

OKENYO arrives to the sound of trumpets blaring with a female anthem to highlight that not only is the future bright… but the future is female.

With power, truth and vulnerability, OKENYO gives you the unapologetic ‘Woman’s World’. Its wry wit and complex wordplay ignites a movement; addressing the hypocrisies that women should try and fit into a man’s world, and calls upon the camaraderie of the female force.

“You can call me feminazi, go ahead and call me nasty”

There is a valiant self-awareness in the lyricism and performance throughout ‘Woman’s World’, and even when the layers are stripped back to an individual vocal line, a defiant resolve remains in the message. OKENYO identifies the misrepresentation of gender and racial stereotypes in the current political and socials spheres worldwide. She establishes herself as a fearless artist, with integrity as well as a sense of humour.

Enlisting co-producer Lionel Towers (Gypsy and the Cat), OKENYO has taken her time to mould and refine a bold new sound. Exploring fresh and fiercely unique productions, the beat feels as radical as the sentiment in which it carries. ‘Woman’s World’ is out now through Elefant Traks.