I AM D surprises fans with new track ‘No Inbetweens’

Brisbane head I AM D has taken the local scene by storm with his hard-hitting consciousness and elegant, melodic flow. His latest original “No Inbetweens” is an insightful conversation about domestic violence crafted not only to discuss a somewhat taboo topic but also to create relatable music in an eloquent format.

“No Inbetweens” is an easy listen with I AM D’s deep, polished vocals floating effortlessly over the ethereal, minimalist beat. The vigilant rapper smoothly integrates conscious rap with his signature style in “No Inbetweens” and brings forth music with a message.

“People are living in fear of somebody who claims to love them because that somebody is struggling to love himself. I wrote this song because I’ve witnessed people having to put up with this and there’s no excuse for it. This song is about taking it for what it is, realizing it’s not the situation for you and moving on.” – I AM D