Hip Hop Duo Release Part Two Of The Long Road Ahead

A perpetual album with no determined ending is a fitting release strategy for a hip-hop act immersed in the limitless stars and vast openness of the desert. In 2016 Alice Springs duo Skank and Shake dropped ‘The Long Road Ahead, Pt 1’ with foreshadowing it was just the beginning. And on September 7, 2017 they kept their promise and delivered the second instalment ‘The Long Road Ahead Pt 2’ (TLRA 2).

TLRA 2 continues thematically from the first album with self-awareness and clarity from a night under the desert stars. Death, depression and hope intertwine as the duo question life and what’s next. Some answers are found in the album, others are not. But one thing is clear; this is still just the beginning.

“We feel accomplished – two albums in two years is a good achievement. Engaging with people while expressing ourselves is a beautiful thing. We’re going to pack the car up, tour this album and connect with a national audience. We’re ready for it,” said Skank (Hugh Winterflood).

The lead single from TLRA Pt 2 is Embers. Premiered on the triple J Hip Hop show, Embers is a song of reformation and evokes an elevated mental and spiritual state. It sets the scene with a spacey glitched intro flowing into a smooth, deep flow encouraging a relaxed journey to growth and enlightenment. TLRA 2 was recorded between Alice Springs, NT and Scott’s Head, NSW.