Esoterik x James Crooks Reveal New Single ‘Be Like You feat. Asta’

Esoterik and James Crooks have teamed up to present ‘Be Like You’, a collaborative effort between the two friends, whose similar taste in both music and humour has delivered a song that is honest, raw and undeniably catchy.

As one-third of hip-hop powerhouse Bliss N Eso, Esoterik (aka Eso) has become one of the most recognisable voices and loved personalities in contemporary Australian music. After he kicked a decade-long heavy drinking habit while on tour overseas, Esoterik is the birth of a clear vision, an animal-like drive. The energy which he once burned elsewhere is now funnelled into a positive outlet for a man with a lot to say.


Esoterik’s trademark high energy and off-the-wall intensity has only amplified with his new-found clarity. This track is a clear definition of this direction. Written as a letter to his younger self, Esoterik explains, “The lyrics for Be Like You allow me to express my love for the new worlds I have found since giving up my 10 year battle with alcohol. At first I thought I was talking to myself through the song, but after a few listens I realised that the lyrics could easily be about anyone who might be struggling with their own addictions, and in turn this could be a letter to them.”

Co-written and produced by James Crooks, who wrote the chorus hook independently before the collaboration between himself and Esoterik came about, the Melbourne-based artist recalls, “I had a massive realisation after a conversation with an old friend who I used to party with. I’ve overcome that part of my life and am now a totally different person. The lyrics (which now make up this chorus) came so naturally to me after seeing the stark contrast of how much I’ve changed in comparison to someone still caught up in it all.”

James Crooks shared a snippet of the idea on his Instagram and within seconds Esoterik reached out. “The production was so fresh, tropical and feel-good that I was immediately attached. The hook James Crooks had written strongly resonated with me. Within a couple of days we connected and started working to build his original idea into something really special. Although it has a deep message behind it, it’s a song of celebration, a milestone for myself, my wife and our beautiful baby boy, of how far I’ve come and the wonderful new life we live together,” Esoterik explains.

Tasmanian singer/songwriter ASTA, who shot into the spotlight after winning triple j Unearthed High in 2012, lends her powerful vocal to the mix to raise the track to even higher heights.

While his multi-Platinum selling, ARIA Award-winning group continue their path of success with their latest LP ‘Off The Grid’, this is only the beginning of something really special for Esoterik who will continue to blaze his own trail at every opportunity. This is a rebirth, a fresh perspective from one of Australia’s most unique personalities.