VEXED drops new single ‘Superficial’ from forthcoming EP ‘A Fact of Life’

VEXED is one of Australia’s most powerful emerging emcees. Based in the tropical far north of Cairns, his perspective is a unique addition to the country’s already highly diverse hip hop community — distilling a raw honesty on his forthcoming EP A Fact of Life that few dare to tap into.

Pouring this realness into new single Superficial, the track is a fist-pumping party anthem that matches lyrical barbs with equally sharp musical hooks. Different without sounding out of place, Superficial shows off VEXED’s ability to avoid repetition, keep his ideas fresh, and write a bangin’ tune.

While the A Fact Of Life EP is undoubtedly the product of a single artist’s vision, one of its most outstanding features comes via collaboration: its beats. Recorded and mixed by VEXED in his home studio, A Fact Of Life is built on a bedrock of solid rhythms, courtesy of Perth indie hip hop beat-maker Creed Birch and Townsville rapper/producer Daze Affair. The end result is a perfect half-way point between hip hop that makes you think, and hip hop that makes you jump.