Simo Soo flexes on Ey Das Me

Simo Soo is pretty hard to pin down, in between throwing beats influenced as much by modern pop and club music as avant electronica. He creates music that is positive, crushingly honest, hyperactive, anxious and healing, fitting into all and no boxes at once. This is music for people who feel misunderstood, unheard or under appreciated.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia (formerly Sydney) Soo is a rapper, producer, multi instrumentalist and head of independent hip hop/dance label, Yes Rave. As a solo musician, Soo has released 3 albums and multiple EPs, mixtapes and remix compilations. His latest release ‘We’ve All Been Tricked…’ was recorded start to finish live on Instagram and featured collaborations with Yon Yonson, Marcus Whale of Collarbones & BV, Lonelyspeck, Bilby, Sissi Reagan & more.

As a live performer, Soo has played shows all over Australia, in Spain and completed multiple tours of the USA. He has collaborated and performed live with artists such as Peaches, the Boredoms, Das Racist, Lakutis, Chicks on Speed, Abdu Ali, Kučka & Spacegirl Gemmy. Whereas his nihilist AF mixtape ‘We’ve All Been Tricked…’ from February was bars upon bars of raps about anxiety, depression and feeling completely lost, ‘Ey Das Me’ is a downright chirpy affair.