Mistress of Ceremony releases new album Control Alt Delete

From what started as backyard house parties Mistress has seen the Australian Hip Hop genre shift, change, adapt and diversify. We as listeners have been privy to such evolution because of change makers, trail-blazers, artists that are unapologetic in their refusal to adhere to the industries expectations… After a little over a year’s hiatus, Mistress OC returns with an album that allows you to re-calibrate, re-boot, and refresh the dreary grind we’re audibly spoon fed. As effortless as;

Control Alt Delete.

The MC has a bigger rap sheet than a Big Day Out Festival… After performing at the AFC Asian Cup opening in 2015 (to 2.5 billion viewers worldwide), Mistress has gone on to support 360, The Pharcyde, Hopsin, Grandmaster Flash, Mobb Deep, Thundamentals, Briggs and most recently the main support for The Wu Tang Clan’s GZA.

Mistress’ empowered and unique approach narrates an unmatched rhythmic poetry, infused with wit, style and dexterity. The album boasts a guest list of Australia’s finest artists to the spotlight featuring collaborations with Ben Lee (yes, THAT Ben Lee), Coda Conduct, Bravo Linguista and Saint Felix to name a few. Pair that with production from Cam Bluff, Dizz Beats and Cortex the album defies pre requisites, Mistress invites you to start over, with Control Alt Delete.