Hilltop Hoods leave Golden Era Records

Hip Hop royalty, the Hilltop Hoods have recently announced that they are stepping down from the record label they started almost 10 years ago. In a brief statement posted to the groups social accounts, the Hoods have stated that they will be departing from the label “both as artists and owners.”

The label will continue to run without them, having been placed in the trusted hands of Canadian import Ben Martin, who has held many roles at GE including Operations Manager, since joining the team 7 years ago. There has been speculation around the Hoods signing a major international deal, but these are just rumours and sources close to the changes say that the Hoods will remain within the Universal Music Australia family.

“We started GE in order to create a home for ourselves and our friends,” said Hilltop Hoods.

“Over the next nine years we were lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most talented artists in the country and release some albums that we’re really proud of.

“But as our families grow we find ourselves with less and less time for extra-curricular activities. The time has come to step away and focus on our children and our music.

“We’ll be going quiet for a little while as we’re currently working on a new Hoods album, due for release in 2018.”

Golden Era Records will continue to release albums and carry distribution, the first album to be released with the new re-structure will be the upcoming album from K21! We can’t wait for that one!