WVS release 2017 Commemorative Poster

Designed by Darren Oorloff, the WVS 2017 Commemorative Poster is now available!

2017 was an epic first year for WVS, they released a ton of new music and threw some of the best events in the country, they couldn’t be more proud. To celebrate, the team is releasing a limited edition (50 only) 2017 Commemorative Poster.


The posters will be numbered and won’t be reprinted. This print contains the names of every local and international artist that the WVS label released music with in 2017. The print is screen printed on Knight smooth 225gsm A3 paper, so you know it’s quality.

Available in both colour, and black and white versions the WVS 2017 Commemorative Poster will be a piece of local hip hop history you won’t want to pass up.

Jump on over via the link here, and check it out.