Huskii x Chillinit release DUST 2 DUST

Beasts on the mic, Chillinit and Huskii have come together on a brand new track titled DUST 2 DUST. Read below what Chillinit had to say about hearing the new track today. 


I’m only gonna speak about this publicly once.
I have mixed emotions hearing this track today.
We didn’t even plan on recording this one at all.
We were working on the first track off my EP.
This took a fair few hours because of the quality.
So we took a little break to catch our breath.
We talked about life in general and music.
We started vibing and chucked some beats on.
We both said we had this verse we’d written.
And it’s so raw and honest we’ve never shared it.
I got comfy, picked a beat and showed the verse.
He stopped, and spat his one straight back at me.
They were both the same story, different ending.
I’ll spend everyday regretting the choice I made.
It was an eerie feeling hearing it from another side.
The air was silent and it was a goosebump moment.
We both let it all out in the booth, I cant describe it.
You both were just bleeding on that microphone.
You could feel it, there was so much raw emotion.
You could even hear the pain in our fucking voice.
We decided not to edit it or try fix it up in any way.
But release it exactly how it was in that moment.
Capturing that feeling and sharing it with you all.
This might not be for everyone, but real recognise real.
No hooks, no fillers, no bars, just some real talk