Your PlayStation Plus games for February

Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia is pleased to announce the fantastic line up of games available to PlayStation Plus members on February 6th


February’s PS Plus lineup is lead by a fan-favourite of early PlayStation 4 adopters – KnackKnack follows the action-platforming capers of loveable title character Knack as he fights to defend mankind in an ongoing war against the Goblins. Spawned from the mysterious power of an ancient relic, Knack has the unique ability to take on extra mass as he moves around the world – starting as a three-foot tall platforming pip-squeak and growing all the way into an earth-shaking titan. 

You can watch the launch trailer here.

Next up is the stunning platform-adventure RiME. Tequila Works’ ambitious production finally arrived on PS4 last year to a great deal of hard-earned and well-deserved praise. Taking inspiration from classics like Journey and Shadow of the ColossusRiME conjures an aesthetically breathtaking world for you to explore. From lavish beaches to sunken temples; ancient structures to dizzying cliff-sides, each new environment unfolds seamlessly from the last, pulling you ever deeper into its tale.

You can watch the launch trailer here.

Continuing from January’s line-up, PlayStation Plus members will be able to pick up PlayStation VR multiplayer shooter StarBlood Arena in February as well. StarBlood Arena places you inside the cockpit of a miniature battle pod and invites you to test your mettle in a lawless competition where only the most skilled pilots earn a shot at intergalactic glory. 

Check out the full list of free February titles below:

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