Bastian Bucks is set to release new album ‘This Machine Kills Dreams’

Bastian Bucks, is an emcee/ producer hailing from Melbourne’s Outer East. The independent Hip Hop artist expresses a diverse music range, with his abstract stylings. Relying on Heavy synths, 808’s, pads and sample based production. 

Bastian’s lyrical stylings serve as a footnote to Hip Hop’s precursors, while maintaining the ability to adapt to this ever-changing universe.  Bastian Bucks was birthed in 2009 with the arrival of his debut EP ‘Inner Child’. In 2014 Bastian raised funds for a crowd funding campaign that saw the release and launch of the album ‘Sides Of Me’ on multiple platforms. Awarded Slama Lama slam champ in 2013 and GHC’s Hip Hop artist of the Month in 2014.

‘This Machine Kills Dreams’ is Bastian Bucks sixth album release. The self produced album showcases Bastian’s skills both in production and songwriting. The new album releases on March 22, in the meantime you can peep a sample of the upcoming album below.

“This album serves as a pop culture reference to all the things that have influenced me as an artist. from video games to film. I tried to capture the emotions and influences from growing up in the 80’s and 90’s.” – B. Bucks