X & Hell are back with Dan Bilzerian feat. It’s Mac

After being on hiatus in Haiti or….. Hades? with ladies to have babies and recover from rabies,….WTF?

The most hated, debated, underrated but locally celebrated rap duo are back. X & Hell have returned and are ready to release new music. They brought you the classic albums Sneakerpimpin Ain’t Easy and Million Dollar Sex Party. The hit songs like Shades Off, Monster, Otherman and Don’t Stop Movin. As well as the cult classic mixtape series Scarnon. The ARIA nominated group are back with a new lease on life and a new label behind them SLUMLXRY.

With production duties helmed by Weapon X and raps by both X & Hell as well as guest verses by a mix bag of crazy rad collaborators. If you are ready to get down with another sonic kick to the head check out … X & Hell – Dan Bilzerian feat It’s Mac.

A Party Jam about partying like Dan Bilzerian the Insta famous poker playing, gun shooting, misogynistic hero to some. All in jest with incredible raps and flows.