Triple One Drop Sinister Rap Anthem ‘Redline Reaper’ & Music Video

The lead single from The Naughty Corner EP

Having just announced The Naughty Corner EP to release on March 23, Australian hip-hop outfit Triple One have now revealed its sinister lead single, ‘Redline Reaper.’

With 260,000 monthly Spotify listeners and a cult fanbase dispersed across the globe, the vicious and volatile Triple One have already shattered all preconceptions about Australian hip-hop in their short and stunningly impactful career. Now, they’re welcoming the next chapter of their careers with ‘Redline Reaper,’ their most hard-
hitting single to date.

Blending trap sensibilities with their own devilish twist, ‘Redline Reaper’ sees Triple One rappers Marty Large and Obi Ill Terrors trade bars like possessed madmen, over production from Billy Gunns that’s equally eerie and bombastic. Vocalist Lil Dijon’s featherweight hook adds a little relief to the intense track, but maintains the unmistakable sense of dread that consumes ‘Redline Reaper.’ ‘Redline Reaper’ arrives with a music video, where the crew take over an abandoned car yard in the outer suburbs of Sydney. For three minutes, this becomes their territory, and your unforgettable introduction to Triple One’s current fiery form.

The single is preparing Triple One fans for The Naughty Corner EP, their boldest, darkest and most diverse collection of songs to date. Switching between sadistic trap music, pensive electronica and melodic moments with rapid confidence, The Naughty Corner is even more evidence that Triple One are speeding down a lane of their own. The Naughty Corner will release globally on March 23.

2018 is already proving to be Triple One’s biggest year yet, and with the group barely two years into their young career, the possibilities are literally endless.