Rapper P.Smurf Announces New Album ‘Playin’ The Blues’ & Pozible Campaign

For over 10 years this gregarious Sydney MC has been honing his style of rapid fire, hard hitting, social and political commentary, with critically acclaimed groups such as Daily Meds and Sketch the Rhyme.

Now, the time has finally come for him to release his long awaited debut solo album ‘Playing The Blues’, a melancholy yet ferocious look at the current state of the world and the interwoven relationships that it breeds. P.Smurf returns to the classic sounds of old school Hip Hop, combining it with an outwardly personal take on modern society. Album drops on Big Village Records April 21.

P.Smurf has launched a Pozible crowd funding campaign to fund the album release. He is offering limited edition merchandise including a blue 12″ vinyl LP, tape cassette, CDs, T Shirts and comic books, plus more added incentives. Only two more weeks to help contribute to the campaign. 

Support Pozible Campaign HERE