Savilian Strides Into 2018 With His New Wave Love Song ‘Like That’

Like That is the first offering from Savilian in 2018. A suave and electric crossover that takes you on a border-hopping journey between hip-hop, electronic and pop music as the seasoned poet tells a story of dejection turned elation. With familiar elements of previous work, Like That also offers a soaring hook that complements the harder hitting moments throughout the track.

In essence, Like That is a new wave love song that also commentates on the first person perspective and it’s importance.

“The song begun its journey close to 2 years ago…I was pondering the future of a relationship and would it fail in the same fashion that the relationships that came before it had failed” says Savilian of the influence for the track.

Production credits include the handy work of Sydney beat maker Pep.B and vocals from Central Coast vocalist Inna Angeline and executive production coming from longtime collaborator Kuren.