Sydney MC Nardean Releases Quirky New Single “Nothing Matters”

Egyptian-Australian MC Nardean blends science and spirituality in her light hearted yet thought-provoking new single “Nothing Matters.” Nardean’s signature writing style is all over this song. Grinding the line between music and poetry, she jumps from rapping to speaking to singing effortlessly, all while giving you a science lesson.

It’s as if Neil deGrasse Tyson and Lauryn Hill made love and this track was the result. To top it off, the single is set to a vibrant and playful video featuring life’s lemons and different ideas on how to handle them.

Written as a perspective check for herself, Nardean says “I listen to this whenever I start to feel overwhelmed. If you think about black holes sucking up stars billions of light years away from us, the fact that you missed your train seems less significant.”

A relative newcomer to songwriting and performing, Nardean’s natural musicality combined with her effortless charm create an onstage presence beyond her years.

A quiet magnetism emanates from her, captivating audiences as she further cements her reputation as a force to be reckoned with. ‘Nothing Matters’ will feature in her upcoming EP ‘Creatress,’ due to drop later this year.