Urthboy reveals the video for ‘Turning Circle’

Urthboy puts mental health under the microscope in his new video ‘Turning Circle’.

On his latest single ‘Turning Circle’, the title track from his recent EP release, Urthboy explores the theme of self-healing. Today he releases the official video, directed by the talented Edmund Renew and Paste Studios. Following different characters on their journeys through troubled waters, we see that sometimes the best solution comes from within.

‘Turning Circle’ marks a moment in Urthboy’s massive 20 year career in music that feels like perhaps it is time to take steps anew. With these moments come tough decisions, anxiousness, a lot of hand-wringing and excitement for the future.

Here, Urthboy reminds us to ride these waves as they come, and finally “trust in your Turning Circle”. You are the captain of your own ship; if not forward, nor backward, then perhaps somewhere completely new.