Hip-Hop That Rings Out In Protest, Prospa’s New Record Drops A Weight Of Truth To Every Rhyme Written

Prospa’s catalogue of hip-hop is a document to the journey he takes as he climbs his  career to the beat of his next rhyme. Having worked tirelessly on his music, Prospa is building a solid work ethic and dedication to his craft. He serves tracks with confronting insight to issues with which we should all be concerned as is evident on his debut 7″ record Shadow World featuring Ciecmate​ and DJ Rellik.​

‘Shadow World​’, stretches Prospa’s protest into the recesses of the global arms trade. DJ Rellik’s haunting keys over Bernie Sanders’ student lecture explaining the stick-and-move of political trickery sets a sinister tone. You can secure yourself a copy of the new vinyl piece by following the link here