Reebok Releases Newest Collaboration with New Orleans rapper Curren$y

Reebok Classic has recently announced the latest sneaker collaboration with New Orleans rapper Curren$y, dubbed the Reebok Classic Question x Curren$y.

Taking inspiration from three of Curren$y’s biggest passions – fly cars, hard-hitting music and basketball – the sneaker reinvents one of the brand’s most iconic OG basketball silhouettes to new style levels that perfectly reflects Curren$y’s stand out look.

The detailing of the sneaker mirrors the rapper’s loud and unique taste, primarily inspired by his notoriously decked out whip, featuring a blue hit on the heel and a never-done-before heel jewel made out of moulded chrome with a Jet impression. Whilst colour accents are injected into the design through the “Stem Green” outsole and iridescent toe that transforms from green to blue to purple, replicating his Pilot Talk album covers, the upper is kept icy white with textural interest via the use of contrasting tumbled and smooth leather.

Finished with an acutely personal touch, with his moniker “Spitta” printed on the lateral sides and a nod to his NOLA crew “Jet Life” de-bossed on the tongue, the sneaker also features the iconic Reebok Vector logo de-bossed on the side, offering a fresh and premium look.

Curren$y’s hero touches to the collaboration doesn’t stop at the sneaker though, with the shoe box also featuring candy green and chromed out features that mimic the details of his ride. The box opens like his trunk does whilst the finger hole is where the key hole would be on the trunk, so you can pop the trunk to get your kicks. This is an unmissable collection for all Curren$y fans far and wide!

The new silhouette is available now from and other retailers.