Sydney MC Johniepee presents Magic

Sydney MC Johniepee presents his latest effort in Magic! The new track features Johnie’s smooth, melodic flows coupled with natural drums and 70’s inspired guitar riffs. A passing comment from friend and producer Chris Collins, coupled with influence from Drapht’s Rapunzel set Johnie’s creative process in motion.

“It came together incredibly organically and I knocked the track together, start to finish in a few hours! Magic”.

Magic is the product of the annual Grow My Music writer’s retreat; the track captures the creative energy and magical atmosphere present when multiple worlds collide to make music.

//It’s like Magic yeah
//Conjure a special something out thin air
//Started with nothing, now we’ve got this here
//Abra Kadabra, now we all can share.

Johniepee, taking influence from foreign and domestic artists presents a smooth hybrid between traditional Aussie and trending global sounds, presenting something familiar yet authentic and new. The MC seamlessly switches between soothing yet bouncy vocals and double time verses, with flow and cadence to rival world- class rappers.

Magic is a perfect introduction to the Sydney sider’s versatility as a vocalist and MC. It is just a taste of what’s to come, with a full EP and live shows in the works 2018 will prove a big year for Johniepee.