We Catch Up On Johnny (From the Burbs) Sophomore Mixtape ‘BRADENTON’

Born and raised in Sydney’s west, Johnny (From the Burbs) is becoming a name as iconic as his music amongst cult fans. The hip hop artist and producer [who has only been active for around 9 months] has already released one E.P under the JFTB project, and is gearing up to release his second. 

JFTB’s influences are shown within his music, however, one cannot discount Johnny’s sense of self that is injected into every piece of media that is released through the project. Johnny (From the Burbs) has a DIY spirit which can be reflected in his self-produced tracks, home video style music clips, as well as the way in which he markets himself. 

The 5-track mixtape explores a more sonically and lyrically driven JFTB. At a running time of just over 14 minutes, let JFTB introduce you to his unique brand of alternative hip-hop like never before.