Cris Gamble & NYUON Release ‘Section’ Single

Cris Gamble and NYUON are long time friends who have listened to Hip Hop from a young age. Around 2010 their passion for the music sparked a creative fire which lead to them making music together.

Cris would create the beats and NYUON would write and record over them. It didn’t take long for Gamble to begin writing and recording his own content. The duo then formed their name as a collective, which was TPDIB (The Plague Do It Big). Over the years the name was shortened to simply, The Plague. Section is the latest single from the pair.

Cris and NYUON have since grown to create their own artistic identities with both reflecting heavily on their upbringings and heritage. NYUON being South Sudanese and Gamble being of Latin-American decent their styles and lyrics intertwine nicely with their music.

Section was recorded at The Cave studio where Cris Gamble and TPDIB first started recording. The track was written and performed by Cris and NYUON, with Cris also producing the track.

With both artists receiving a good amount of airplay on local and national radio stations including KISS FM, PBS, RRR and triple j it is safe to say that these boys are ready to leave a seriously good impression.