Melbourne MC Clue teams up with Sydney Candy Pop producer PachiSquid for a unique collaboration

Melbourne MC Clue returns after his sophomore EP, Australian Famous with B-Side. B-Side sees the lyricist team up with Sydney Candy Pop producer, PachiSquid, uniquely bridging the divide between Pop and Hip Hop.

Clue speaks as a listener and an artist, describing the emotions felt when hearing your favourite new track played on the radio, and what it feels like being the artist putting in work to make a hit.

“wait for them summer time sick,
radio hits when we bounce with our friends like this,
hit the beach with the sun on our back and the tunes all lit,
grateful that this is how we live”

B-Side is quite possibly the catchiest summer tune of winter 2018, the light, bouncing production radiates happiness and good vibes. Pachi draws inspiration from a variety of sources, stating production legends, Flume, Sophie and Whatsonot as key influences. K-pop and J-pop also aided in blossoming Pachi’s unique, shimmering melodies filled with smooth synths and cute, delicate percussion.

While not your typical Hip Hop collaboration, B-Side provides a warm insight into the life of an up and coming MC through catchy, clever, humorous lyrics, and genre bending production. The track marks the first solo single since Clue’s latest release, as he plans to follow up with a third EP late 2018.