Beastside Member And Big Village Alumni Frogman Released The Second Single From His Debut Solo EP Pond Scum ‘Just Go In’

Sydney rapper and emcee Frogman​ has just released his new single ‘Just Go In’​ taken from his debut EP ‘Pond Scum’​ set to be released next month.


Just Go In​ walks a different path in terms of production for the Sydney emcee as he looks to break free from the melancholy of first single ‘Up in A Flame’​ and weave rhymes over upbeat percussion whilst still creating a sinister sound.

A fusion of new school 808 drums and eerie synths display the backdrop for him to wax lyrical about his daily escapades. Moving on from the advanced rhyme schemes of the first single and focusing on flow and flair in its sequel.

You may recognise Frogman ​as one of the members popular Sydney rap group Beastside​ who have been around the traps for years and signed to Big Village Records. ​Stepping away from the group Frogman​ has already proven his solo chops with his debut single earning the praise of Australian media alike including: Life Without Andy, 2SER Radio​ and allaussie hip hop.

Accompanied by a visual component that looks more David Attenborough than World-Star. ‘Just Go In’​ is an unabashed insight into the Frogman​ in his natural habitat. Artwork for the single was created by fellow Beastside​ member Hinhop and the film clip was directed by Akash Tanna and Anastas Martin.

Just Go In is available for download on Bandcamp ​and will feature on the Pond Scum EP ​out early July which also features Beastside, P Smurf, Nooky and Tenth Dan.